Friday, June 19, 2009


These cupcakes we're almost too cute to eat! I've been focusing on cakes, but every now and again I get really excited for a large cupcake order. They're smaller and the mini fondant things are just so cute!

Wouldn't be complete without the flip flop cake for the birthday girl!

I've been working on my flower making skills. I'm getting better and better. These were.. um... well they're not that bad! haha.

Congrats Grads!!!

This was a "financial" cake for Veronica's big grad party!

It's hard to see my favorite part. The Wall Street sign at the bottom!
She hopes to one day go international, which is why there are not only american money symbols, but euro and yen! Good luck Veronica!

Here's my badass Hawaiian cake for Adriane's graduation party! AWESOME colors, AWESOME Tiki, and of course, look at those flowers! This was one of my favorites. And it wouldn't be Adriane inspired without the pineapples!