Sunday, April 17, 2011

Sam's Fender Cake!

It was a last minute surprise, but I whipped it up just in time for the party. It was chocolate, and amazing. Happy Birthday Sam!

Nikki's Baby shower!

A request for the second cake I ever worked on! LOVE the baby toes!

Congrats Nikki & Rick, can't wait to meet sweet Kylie Jade! :)

A Vegas Wedding!

Jamie and Corey got married in Vegas, and came back to have a huge reception. These are the cupcakes that me and Jamie put together! 150 cupcakes! It took us all night and a few bottles of wine but we got the job done. Thanks for the extra pair of hands Jamie, and the wine!

Congrats you two! Love ya'll! :)

Erin's baby shower!

It's a girl! Adorable penguin theme! Congrats on your new baby girl! :)

Engagement Cake

Congrats Kenny and Mary! xoxo :)

A "beary" amazing baby shower :)

A baby shower cake for a "beary" amazing family :)

Jimmy's birthday!

Jimmy's birthday monkey smash cake, and animal cupcakes for friends! :)

Happy Birthday Sophia!

"Minnie" cake and cupcakes for Sophia's birthday! :)