Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Welcome Home Uncle Eric!

This is possibly my favorite cake that I have done so far. Granted, I've only really made 10 professional one's so far... I can still have a favorite! Uncle Eric came home from being over seas in the Navy for what felt like forever! Uncle Eric isn't really my uncle, but he sure does feel like it. I love him as if he were my family. The Chamberlain's were throwing a welcome home party, so I quickly volunteered for the job! He sure seemed to love it! I hope so, because I certainly did! This is a french vanilla cake with butter cream icing, covered in marshmellow fondant. The "camo cupcakes" are triple chocolate with butter cream icing.

A side shot of how tall this thing was!

I will be blogging about my frustrations on my crappy photo's of my cakes at a later date, but.. this is just blurry and horrible! ANYWAY, I made him a name tag on the bottom of the cake, with the infamous last name of CHAMBERLAIN of course!

My little set up to take pictures. Can't wait to get my new camera. Maybe my pictures won't look like they were taken by a 5 year old.

So I play around with at least one of my cake pictures in photo shop. This was my favorite cake, and my favorite picture of this cake! The others don't give the colors of the cake justice!

This cake taught me a lot about becoming more patient with my cakes, and the time it takes for them to look exactly how I want them to look. And most importantly, trust my gut. I always second guess myself about a certain color, or placement of this or that, or some little detail, but I just need to go with it! The FIRST time it crosses my mind.

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